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for the "Earth Conscious " person desiring a healthier, greener yard in a healthier, GREENER world!

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Like A Good Neighbor....

Local people you can talk with and we have things you can borrow.....Our goal here at C.O.L.C. is to spread the good word of Alternative Cultural Practices for our lawns and landscapes as well as Water and Power Conservation with Environmentally Friendly products. The supplies, tools and a knowledgeable Eco-Conscious staff are here for you. Knowledge is the key ingredient for success in this journey to Green Grass in a Green Landscape for a Greener World.



Aerators and Power Rakes - Sod cutters and Slice Seeders - Tillers and Spreaders - Mulch and WaterRollers

Our Service


Central Oregon Lawn Center provides Rental-Equipment, Lawn Maintenance Supplies, Landscape and Irrigation Tools along with the information and advice needed for the "do-it-yourself" home owner as well as the seasoned landscape professional.

Custom Seed, Organic Fertilizer, Soil Amendments

Turface holds air, water and nutrients at the root zone. Reduces compaction and improves drainage. Improves your soil structure.
Bactifeed provides 11 different microbes that build the humus to make nutrients more bio-available to the plant, in all soil types. It aerates soils, increases water penetration and retention. Aids in the decomposition of organic residue.

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