Christmas Trees

Nordman Fir Christmas Trees

...originate from the Caucasus Mountains south of the Black Sea in the Republic of Georgia and northern Turkey.

Nordmann Fir have symmetrically arranged strong branches and are perfect for holding large or heavy ornaments. The short, dark green needles are soft and flattened on the twig, with a waxy cuticle that gives the tree its shiny appearance and helps prevent drying. With a gentle fragrance, Nordmann Fir are the best Christmas tree for anyone with allergies, and Nordmann Fir have the distinctive quality of shedding the fewest needles.

nordman fir-christmas-tree

Noble Fir Christmas Trees

...are true firs and are limited to the Cascade Range and Coast Ranges of the Pacific Northwest. Noble fir attains the largest dimensions of any of the true fir species. are well-liked for their longevity, strong branches, and elegant branch spacing. They have a subtler fragrance and a lighter color than Douglas firs, but can be much taller, and, well, Noble-r.

This beautiful tree has large, showy cones which are mostly covered by papery bracts. The Noble Fir was named by the Scottish explorer David Douglas (1798-1834) and has excellent needle retention.

noble for-christmas-tree
noble fir
native noble-fir
nordmann fir

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