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Equipment Rental


We do!.... Our rental department for Lawn Maintenance Equipment has everything you need to help make your lawn maintenance project easier. Whether it's as simple as applying fertilizer or a full blown lawn renovation. We have the Rental Equipment you need.

Aerators and Power Rakes - Sod cutters and Slice Seeders - Tillers and Spreaders - Mulch and Water Rollers

Yard Tool Engine Tune-up $65.00
Mower Blade Sharpening $10.00

lawn equipment rental
gardening tools and supplies

Gardening Tools & Supplies

Gardening Supplies:

Organic fertilizers for garden plants
Soil Amendments for garden beds
Bactifeed enriches your soil with living organic matter 
Turface for field maintenance solutions
Drip Irrigation supplies
Weed Barrier fabric
Organic weed control products
Hand tools and gloves
Rental – Roto Tillers large and small


Water Where and When Needed Rainbird

We have complete irrigation supplies needed for simple repairs, the much needed upgrade or a new, automated water-saving system. Professional, commercial grade nozzles, pop-up spray heads, rotors, xerigation drip supplies

We carry the new Blu-Loc irrigation system which is easy to use and features eco-friendly pipes and fittings. New state-of-the-art Automated Irrigation System Controllers are also available to keep your irrigation system operating smoothly and efficiently. Everything needed to sustain healthy landscape plant material and conserve water.

lawn care

Lawn Care & Maintenance

3 Keys for a Healthy, Happy and Thriving Lawn:

1- WATER (Proper amount of irrigation applied for soil and plants specific needs...Conservation!)

2- FOOD (Fertilizer - a growing lawn is a hungry lawn- feed the soil that feeds the plants...Go Organic!)

3- Air (Everything needs to breath, even the soil....Aerate and Thatch!)

Go Organic

IT'S SOIL....not dirt

Dirt is what you wash off your face. Soil is the healthy medium that will nourish and support the plant life you will be enjoying in your yard or athletic field.

Healthy soil equals healthy turf, plants and a healthy environment. Remember.... we don't grow the grass - the soil does!

We carry amendments to help replenish and nourish your soil. Our qualified staff will help determine what your soil needs and the best products to repair it.

Take care of Mother Earth and she will take care of you.....

Landscaping Services

Accent Landscape Design and Construction

Creating Beautiful, Sustainable outdoor living areas from
Concept to Completion



Irrigation service call - repair/ replace with newer water saving sprinklers and recommendations for better watering practices.



Design, Installation & Renovation - Sensible Landscape Practices from practical plant materials to efficient irrigation systems to LED low volt landscape lighting, incorporating Beauty with Conservation.



Maintenance - we use organic fertilizers and alternative cultural practices for reducing chemical use for a healthier landscape and environment for your family, pets and community.

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