Central Oregon Lawn Center

Great for Outdoor Events


Wood Pellet Patio Heater

Feel the Heat!


Backyard Patios

Recreational / Beach / Park / Snow

Camping / Hunting / Fishing

Tailgating and Sporting events

Restaurant / Tavern / Lounge Patios

Orchard / Garden Heater

Outdoor Smoking Areas

Anywhere that needs outdoor heat

Fuel Source: 1/4 inch wood pellets

Made in the USA

Dual "Team Flow" burners

68,000 BTUs/Hr

No propane, no gas, no electricity

2.5 hour burn time (Want to burn longer just add more pellets)

20 Lb. hopper capacity

Gravity fed natural draft

Burns an average fuel consumption of $1 per hr

Height: 84", Width: 31", Depth: 12"

Eco friendly burning biomas fuel (wood pellets)

Four temperature ranges (From 350 degrees to 1050 degrees)

Shipping Weight: 70 Lbs.

Twice the amount of heat as propane (68,000 BTUs)

Air control damper

Combustion Efficiency: 98.7%

Half the operating cost of propane

Convenient ash pan

Boxed: 24" W x 12" D x 24" T

Wood Heat = Radiant Heat

EZ clean removable fire grate

Head to toe heat (Like sitting around a campfire)

5 x 5 Neo-Ceram viewing window

10 ft heat radius from stove (that's over 400 square feet outdoors!)

Big 20" heat reflector

No moving parts....nothing to break means nothing to fix

Stainless steel spark arrestor

Portable (Take it wherever you go)

Reliable (Will always work as long as you have fuel and a match)

Heavy 14 guage steel fire box

This Outdoor heater is eco friendly, 
clean burning, fueled by renewable wood pellets, produced locally, and manufactured in Oregon with American steel.


Fuel Cost Comparison – Wood Pellets vs LP Gas/Propane

Wood Pellets

LP/Gas Stove