THE PROBLEM: Low Water Absorption

Soil under stress does not absorb water. More fertilizers must be used to maintain the same yields. More herbicides are required to prevent weed infestation. Water is inefficiently used, evaporating or running off and taking valuable inputs with it. This situation exists when soil is deficient in microbial activity.


Bactifeed provides 11 different microbes that build the humus to make nutrients more bio-available to the plant, in all soil types.  It aerates soils, increases water penetration and retention.  Aids in the decomposition of organic residue.  Bactifeed encourages root growth and chelates nutrients for easier plant uptake. It also helps to biologically buffer toxic chemicals.  All of this while saving 25 % on water requirements, reducing inorganic fertilizer costs, and herbicidal needs.


Central Oregon Lawn Center

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