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Like A Good Neighbor....

Local people you can talk with and we have things you can borrow.....Our goal here at C.O.L.C. is to spread the good word of Alternative Cultural Practices for our lawns and landscapes as well as Water and Power Conservation with Environmentally Friendly products. The supplies, tools and a knowledgeable Eco-Conscious staff are here for you. Knowledge is the key ingredient for success in this journey to Green Grass in a Green Landscape for a Greener World

Central Oregon Lawn Center is located at 315 S.E. 3rd. St. (hwy 97) between the Red Carpet Car Wash and Amerititle. We are huge proponents of GREEN, ORGANIC, CONSERVATION and a Healthier TERRA FIRMA-MOTHER EARTH!  Here to help anyone and everyone wanting to make a difference-right here in Bend, Oregon-in your own yard...         IT'S A START - IT'S TIME !


Central Oregon Lawn Center

Central Oregon Lawn Center

Turning the World Green One Lawn at a Time

315 South 3rd Street
Bend, Oregon 97702